Luther: Captive to the Word of God


“Luther” is a portrayal of Reformation leader Martin Luther presented by Mr. Fred Moore, a retired high school teacher from Downers Grove, Illinois. Fred developed this script over a three year period with the assistance and inspiration of the Rev. Dr. Gerhard Mundinger, Missouri Synod Lutheran. Moore has been active in theatre and education for many years. He retired from high school teaching in 1993 and since then has written/developed 16 different shows for presentation to audiences in seven states. This portrayal is intended to present the human and the spiritual dimensions of Luther, based primarily on “Tischreden” or “Table Talk,” a collection of Luther’s conversations with friends about various topics. Moore attempts to present a sensitive recreation of the spirit of Martin Luther, who wrote many great hymns and was responsible for the translation of the Bible from Latin to German. Program Length: 35 minutes

Luther: Captive to the Word of God video